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REDIMIN Magazine is an electronic magazine of Mining that disseminates all the information about new technologies and advances applied in Mining. We also distribute information about the main mining explorations all over the world by sending our Exploration Bulletin to potential investors located in the main investment tables around the world. Our Electronic Magazine contains a total audience of 55 thousand subscribers, we started in South America and now we are an Electronic Mining Magazine with a great interest in spreading the future of Mining, from its discoveries in explorations to the development of new technologies applied to exploitation and extraction.


Our editorial line in REDIMIN Magazine focuses on the main advances of the world mining in terms of innovation and technology transfer, as they are applied in the different processes of the production chain in the mining activity making a major emphasis on innovation as a motor Of progress in the world production of mineral resources. We also focus our objective on dealing with relevant issues in the exploration of new mineral deposits and what are the challenges that the companies of tomorrow will have to supply for sustainable mining and with high productivity rates. This information is very important for make best business.