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Hello, first of all, we appreciate your interest in announcing your company with us. Redimin Magazine is a means of mining that maintains direct contact with the main mining companies around the world and we always maintain relevant information, of interest for our prestigious readers.

Already have 46,914 subscribers in REDIMIN Magazine English Version, this number is increasing daily. This subscribers receive our mining bulletins daily and most of them are investors, directors and engineers of great relevance in mining.

Topics Calendar

  • Jan  Lithium Rush on Southamérica
  • Feb  Gold Rush in North América
  • Mar  Coltán from África to our Hands
  • Apr  Copper Exploration on América
  • May  Exploration Technologies
  • Jun  Underground equipment
  • Jul  Open Pit Mining Methods
  • Aug  Biggest Mines of the World
  • Sep  Extreme Exploration on Andes
  • Oct  Renewable Energy in Mining
  • Nov  Automation on Mining
  • Dec  Networking in Mining

Magazine Details

Redimin Magazine will be delivered monthly from January 2018 to all our subscribers located around the world. Our Magazine will be received in 2 versions, one in letter size PDF and through our mobile application available in the Apple Store and in Google Play.

Our Mission

The mining industry is a global business of $ 1.2 Billion Dollars. The world today requires more and more minerals and companies are in constant development so that the competition and mission to inform what they develop each of them are key data for the investments of mining companies at the time of generating new contracts , That is why Redimin Magazine will take the information of its products and services to the desktop of the main mining companies of the world.

Geographic Distribution of Subscribers

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Principal Ocupations of Subscribers

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